The Count Of Monte Cristo

The Count Of Monte Cristo

Music by: Frank Wildhorn
Lyrics and Book by: Jack Murphy

Alexander Dumas’ classic tale of love, betrayal and vengeance in the post-Napoleonic era follows Edmund Dantes as he prepares to captain his own ship and marry his beloved Mercedes. On the very day of his betrothal, he is arrested on trumped up charges — designed by his enemies who, each for his own reason, wants him out of the way. Condemned to lifelong imprisonment, he is befriended by Abbe Faria, a priest and fellow inmate who has been working on an escape for years. Abbe tells Edmund the location of an immense treasure just before he dies, leaving Edmund to escape alone. Free at last, and incredibly wealthy, Edmond re-invents himself as the brooding and mysterious Count of Monte Cristo — a persona he uses to gain access into the aristocratic society of France in order to reclaim his lost love and exact a terrible vengeance from his accusers.

With music by Frank Wildhorn and Book and Lyrics by Jack Murphy, the musical of Dumas’ enduring story had its World Premier in St. Galen, Switzerland on March 14, 2009 to a wonderful reception. It repeated its success in Seoul, Korea with another well-received Premier in April of 2010.

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