Silver Dollar

Book and Lyrics by: Mary Bracken Phillips
Music by: Jack Murphy

Silver Dollar

Originally directed by veteran actor, John Shuck at the Goodspeed Opera House and then by noted Broadway director Scott Schwartz, Silver Dollar is the true story of an infamous triangle of love and scandal on the American frontier.

In a cabin above a deserted mine, the ghost of Augusta Tabor and eighty three year old Baby Doe Tabor, are bound together by their sins, courage and passion for silver king Horace Tabor, who's first wife's brain was his fortune and who's second wife's beauty was his downfall. As Baby Doe's death is imminent, the women realize they must settle their "unfinished business" or be stuck on a mountaintop forever. They decide to compare diaries and their story enfolds in a series of flashbacks.

East versus West, gold versus silver, banker against farmer. Fortunes lost and dreams that died. The Tabors epitomized the best and worst of human nature, just as the Colorado Goldrush epitomized the best and worst of the American dream. And in this age of greed, political betrayal and disillusionment, their story has a particular message: Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Just as in Silver Dollar, two women in a lone cabin will either redeem each other or be condemned to relive their mistakes forever.

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