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This Project Blog is your source for the most recent information about all of Jack Murphy’s work. As updates on each show become available, Jack will post the latest information here as well as the homepage.



This new version of the story - written for the Karlin Musical Theatre by the experienced trio of American authors Frank Wildhorn, Jack Murphy and Norman Allen - is not identical to the original novel or opera. It is not a modern version of Carmen, but rather a story inspired by the original. For the first time ever, Carmen brings together the production talents of two top theatres - the Karlin Musical Theatre and Ta Fantastika... Read More.



Fantasy Author Alice Cornwinkle is on the verge of a breakdown. Her life is a mess - She’s distracted, overwhelmed and bewildered - and it’s taking its toll. Her marriage to Jack is missing the romance it once had, her relationship with her daughter, Chloe, has lost its closeness, and her writing is suffering from a lack of imagination. In short, she is struggling with the same issues that plague most contemporary women. The musical opens with Alice being berated by her publisher about “why.. Read More.

The Count Of Monte Cristo


Alexander Dumas' classic tale of love, betrayal and vengeance in the post-Napoleonic era follows Edmund Dantes as he prepares to captain his own ship and marry his beloved Mercedes. On the very day of his betrothal, he is arrested on trumped up charges — designed by his enemies who, each for his own reason, wants him out of the way. Condemned to lifelong imprisonment, he is befriended by Abbe Faria, a priest and fellow inmate who has been working on an escape for years... Read More.

Gods Of Autumn


We all know we’re going to die someday. Just not today. "Gods of Autumn" is a play about how three very different people who never would have met in the course of their normal lives, are thrown together to face their own mortality. But it's really not so much a story of how we die as it is a story about how we live. As one of the characters, Mary, says "Maybe you just have to take your best guess and keep heading West like Columbus — keep telling the crew something’s out there just over the..." Read More.



Inspired by true events and set against the backdrop of champagne splashed Vienna of 1889, "Rudolf — The Last Kiss" tells the tragic tale of one of the most controversial love stories in history. Based on material drawn from Frederick Morton's remarkable book, "A Nervous Splendor," Rudolf, The Crown Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, meets and falls in love with the 17 year old Mary Vetsera. Unable to live together as man and wife in this world, they decide to die together so they can be... Read More.

The Civil War (For The Glory)


In 1998, the Tony Award® winning Alley Theatre under the Artistic Direction of Gregory Boyd, produced The Civil War, a unique American musical that brought an essential humanity to America's single most defining conflict

The musical never tried to be a history lesson. Instead, it focused on the effect of the war on the hearts and minds of Americans from virtually every walk of life, from President to slave. The Civil War became one of the most successful shows in the history of the Alley Theatre... Read More.

Silver Dollar


Originally directed by veteran actor, John Shuck at the Goodspeed Opera House and then by noted Broadway director Scott Schwartz, Silver Dollar is the true story of an infamous triangle of love and scandal on the American frontier.

In a cabin above a deserted mine, the ghost of Augusta Tabor and eighty three year old Baby Doe Tabor, are bound together by their sins, courage and passion for silver king Horace Tabor, who's first wife's brain was his fortune and who's second wife's beauty was his... Read More.



The neo-swing movement hit Broadway in full force with the December 1999 opening of Swing!, a high-energy song and dance revue celebrating the music of the '30s and '40s. The show combines swing classics (""Stompin' at the Savoy") and wartime standards ("I'll Be Seeing You") with originals by some of the industries most sought after composers.... Read More.

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