A play by: Jack Murphy

Gods Of Autumn

We all know we’re going to die someday. Just not today. “Gods of Autumn” is a play about how three very different people who never would have met in the course of their normal lives, are thrown together to face their own mortality. But it’s really not so much a story of how we die as it is a story about how we live. As one of the characters, Mary, says "Maybe you just have to take your best guess and keep heading West like Columbus — keep telling the crew something’s out there just over the horizon ... some place as real as this, and then hope to God there is. Maybe, that’s what life is all about — holding on and hoping."

The show had its world premiere in Raleigh, North Carolina on August 20, 2008, continuing its run through August 31. Gods of Autumn is part of the annual Hot Summer Nights at the Kennedy.

The cast for this production were spectacular: Jarrod Emick as Jimmy Sullivan, Jessica Phillips as Mary/Bernadette, Dorothy Brown as Evelyn Whitman, Gilly Conklin as Nurse/Mom and Holden Hansen as The Other Part. With phenomenal characters and a human story, this production is one that anyone could relate to in a very personal and profound way.

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