Live and Learn Cover Art

Live and Learn
An Album by Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy

A Labor of Love...

I recorded the songs on this Album in 2003 — I had a lot more time on my hands back then. Using my home studio, the splendid voice of my wife, Janny Taylor, and a little help from my friends (sorry, Ringo, I couldn’t resist), Jeff Lams and Kim Scharnberg among others, I decided to go back to my roots as a rock and roll/contemporary alternative singer/songwriter and do songs I wanted to do for no other reason than I liked them and missed performing. About a million years ago I used to tour with a band called J.F. Murphy And Salt up and down the east coast promoting albums we recorded for A & M, Verve, MGM, Columbia, Elektra and ABC Dunhill. We played a ton of colleges and clubs and even the Fillmore East a couple of times. To show you how long ago this was, the first time we played the Fillmore, we were the opening act, Elton John was SECOND ON THE BILL and Leon Russel was the Headliner! Anyway these songs are an eclectic bunch of things representing what I like best about Pop, Rock and Roll, New Orleans piano, folky/alternative, music. You can buy them as a CD collection complete with nifty art work or one at a time from iTunes and I hope you enjoy at least a couple of them.

Jack Murphy

“Turn down the covers and turn out the light
I don’t need forever I only need tonight
Love’s like a river it flows where it flows
And even a fool like me knows what she knows
Everything comes and goes”

–Jan Murphy, Live and Learn

Live and Learn Track Listing

  • 1. Live and Learn
  • 2. The Picture Show
  • 3. Katey Fell
  • 4. Holiday
  • 5. If I Fall
  • 6. Under the Shelter of Youth
  • 7. Forever Young
  • 8. Everything Comes and Goes
  • 9. Hurricane
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